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All in 8'' container

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60. BBQ Pork Fried Rice

White rice stir-fried with barbequed pork, green peas, and egg.

55. House Special Fried Rice

A house special blend of mushrooms, tender barbequed pork, and shrimp.

62. Shrimp Fried Rice

Delectable shrimp mixed into a delicious blend of fried rice.
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57. Young-Chow Fried Rice

A tasty combination of barbequed pork and shrimp in fried rice.
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66. Szechuan Fried Rice with Chicken & Shrimp Spicy

Spicy. Szechuan-style fried rice cooked with chicken and shrimp for that...
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61. Shredded Chicken Fried Rice

White rice stir-fried with finely shredded chicken, green peas, and eg...
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65. Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice

A delicious mix of assorted vegetables blended with fried rice.
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63. Chicken with Salty Fish Fried Rice

A tasty mixture of chicken and salted fish blended into fried rice.
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64. Beef Fried Rice with Lettuce

Rice stir fried with tender beef and lettuce.
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Steamed Rice

Served one person.
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59. Fook-Chow Seafood Fried Rice

A delicious medley of gravy, fish, chopped scallops, and squid in fried...
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56. Seafood Fried Rice

Savoury fried rice mixed with fish, chopped scallops, and squid.
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58. Honeymoon Fried Rice

Can't decide what fried rice you'd like? Try this combination of half seafood...
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66a. Dry Scallop Egg White Fried Rice